Frequent and most common questions:


Q: Does the POS System come pre-programmed and ready to go?
A: Yes. This is a turn-key solution. The system comes programmed with your menu items, your specials, your table layouts, and your employees. We install the system and teach you and your employees how to use it. It’s that easy!

Q: Does the POS System come with a warranty?
A: Yes. A service contract is required with every POS system. If you ever have a problem we will repair or replace any part of it free of charge.

Q: What if I have a problem or question?
A: We have 24/7 support located in the USA. You can call any time, day or night and get the help you need. We even offer remote access at no additional charge. This allows us to take control of your system remotely and make any changes or fix any problem for you.

Q: Will it track my employees?
A: Yes. All your employees will log into and out of the system to keep track of their hours, their sales, and their tips. All employee hours and sales data can be viewed, printed or exported in various digital formats.

For qualifying merchants, we will place one or more POS systems in your place of business free of charge. The number of free systems will depend on the size of your business and your specific needs. Each system comes with a touch-screen monitor, computer, credit card swiper, cash drawer and receipt printer. Merchant is responsible for shipping expenses. There are no up front costs to the merchant unless optional equipment is requested.

A monthly service agreement is required for all point-of-sale systems. The service agreement covers the equipment warranty, customer service and technical support for each system. A quarterly software fee is required per system. This means you never have to pay for a software upgrade. As upgrades are made available, you get the upgrade free of charge.

Merchants must switch their credit card processing services to Harbortouch exclusively. We will match or beat your existing processing rates. We have been saving merchants money on their credit card processing for over a decade. We have over 110,000 merchant accounts and process 10 billion dollars annually.

Included in every  Harbortouch POS System:

NO Startup Costs or Down Payments
INCLUDES All Basic Hardware
LIFETIME Warranty & Technical Support
FREE Professional On-site Installation
FREE Menu Programming
FREE Web-based Back-office
FREE Reservation & Waiting List Management System
RATE Match Guarantee
FREE 50 Custom Gift Cards
PLUS So Much More


Remote Kitchen Printers (thermal & dot matrix)
Remote Kitchen Video Display Systems
Integrated Digital Scale
Integrated Caller ID Module (perfect for delivery)

INTEGRATED CUSTOM GIFT CARDS (free trial & optional)

We have an optional free custom gift card package as well. You can upload your own custom artwork or use anyone of our pre-made templates. Your first 50 cards are free! The first 60 days of service is free!

Our primary source of revenue comes from the credit card processing. We have a strong inherited interest in your business as our profit is also affected if your POS system ever goes down. Simply put, we have skin in the game. Support and service is extremely important to us and that’s why we have invested millions into 24/7 support center. In case you were asking, we will match or beat your credit card fees.


The cost per POS system is only $89 per month for lifetime warranty lifetime technical support.

Remote Kitchen Printers:
Thermal are $12 a month or $165 to purchase.
Dot matrix are $16 a month or $260 to purchase.
You will receive a lifetime warranty with either option.
Kitchen video monitors with bump bars are $43 a month.
Our touch screen computer is a slick, all-in-one unit with a cast aluminum body.