Insurance Agent Opportunity

The opportunity

Are you an Insurance Agent or Financial Advisor that works with business owners? If so, then please keep reading…

  • Do you have clients that accept credit and debit cards?
  • Do they have multiple locations?
  • Do you have clients that want to purchase more insurance and want to save more for retirement, but are having difficulty finding the cash flow to fund the insurance premium or save in a retirement plan?
  • Do you have business owner clients who need to reduce their expenses?
  • Could you use another source of revenue for your agency?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we have an opportunity for you!What you do: Collect your client’s credit card processing statements. We recommend the least 3 months of statements! If your client’s business is seasonal, we may need 12 months.

What we do: Perform a statement analysis and break down all fees. Our team will draft and present proposal to your client. If deemed acceptable  we complete the process.

How you get paid: Two ways! First, we pay you a percentage of the profit analysis and setup of the establishment. If a POS unit is Placed in your clients location we compensate you for that as well.

Second opportunity to generate income is you keep the commissions on any insurance, investment, or retirement plan you place with the credit card processing savings we discover for your client.

Even if your client already owns all the insurance they need, and are saving plenty for retirement, no business owner objects to reducing their expenses.  Let us help you help your clients control their bank card processing costs! Thank you.